Premium 1 Year

34.99 GBP


Upgrading your account to premium get you access to all of the following! We have one of the biggest premium packages on any Rust server. Everything is custom made by us and you actually get access to unique and cool benefits. Not just queue skip!

Earn Tokens 5 times faster!

Get 50% off all skins in bob's shop

Get 30% off all emotes in bobs shop

Ability to create mini game lobbies of your own. 

  • Control how many players can join your lobby - max24
  • Change the lobby player count from 2 to 24!
  • Change to any one of our mini-game modes - Please note survival games, cars races are not included in the custom lobbies 
  • Kick and ban players you don't want in your lobbies               
  • Change settings for game modes to give your mode a unique feel                   
  • Check out any of Enardos streams to see a more in-depth look at how custom lobbies work                                                            

Please note there is currently a limit of 15 concurrent custom lobbies including custom Among Rust lobbies.

Modded Settings for custom lobbies - Some examples

  • Change the team size for boat wars
  • Are headshots required to revive someone in crossball
  • Map size for dropper and splegg
  • Speed of the heli in Heli Escape
  • Turf Wars damage to buildings multiplier
  • Duck Hunt shooter weapon
  • Plus many more!

Bed Wars VIP Lobbies Access to Bed Wars VIP lobbies where you can kick and ban players as well as set the player count as well as Bed Wars Modded settings. Things like the amount of scrap to spawn or the respawn timer length

Among Rust Custom Lobbies - Create your own Among Rust lobbies to play with your friends or with randoms 

Please note that there is a limit of 7 custom among rust lobbies

Survival Games - Spawn with a wet suit and one Wood Barricade

Bed Wars - Spawn with a workbench where you can skin your items

2X Tickets - All tickets earned will be doubled! Get that class you want quicker.

Unlock all current and future VIP classes  (20+)- Pick the exclusive VIP classes such as..

  • Turf Wars Infiltrator  - Spawn with a custom smg and 2 magic apples that act as a dash! 
  • Boat Wars Designated Driver - Be the driver of the group and spawn with heavy gear and an m92. 
  • Bow Tag Knight - Instead of shooting your enemies to pass the bomb, hit them with your sword! 
  • Heli Escape Bumble Bee - Spawn with magic apples that give you a dash forward and leap upwards
  • Plus many more... There is at least one VIP class for every single game mode!

Server Queue Jump

Party size increase to 6

Priority when joining Bed Wars, Survival Games or Among Rust queue - skip to the very front

Premium role in the discord

Access to premium lounge discord channels

Premium tag in-game

Join full mini-games lobbies, up to 24 for mini-games and 12 for Car Races - Please note bed wars and survival games custom lobbies are currently not supported. Custom lobbies don't support this feature. 

Take control of public lobbies. Change the game mode or ban troublesome players (There must be 100 players on the server to ban players)

Owning Premium prevents you from being banned from public lobbies

This package lasts for  1 year