Starter Pack

3.99 GBP


New to the server? Check out our awesome Starter Pack worth £18|$25~ for only £3.99|$5.50

This pack is only available to purchase once and gives you great value for money. You will get two weapon skins, tokens, tickets, two emotes and an outfit to rock around in.

7 Skins, 2 Emotes, Two currency packs. Every skin in this pack is EXCLUSIVE to this pack! Bob will never sell them.

Included in the Starter Pack:

  • Rainbow Pony Crossbow
  • Workcart Assult Rifle
  • 200 Tokens
  • 1000 Tickets
  • Cow Bell Emote
  • Xylobone Emote
  • Desert Camo Bandana
  • Desert Camo Hoodie
  • Desert Raiders Pants
  • Desert Raiders Gloves
  • Desert Raiders Boots
  • Starter Pack role in the discord (Not displayed separately in the right list)


    Please note these skins are only used on Rust Arcade servers and are not the Steam inventory item. They can be equipped using /emote. Outfits can be worn in the spawn, lobbies, prop hunt and duck hunt. If you have a skin for a specific item the skin will be applied when the item is given to you throughout the server. Once your payments have been completed head to the main spawn by typing /leave and then typing /claim. All items will then be given to you. Equip them by typing /emote